about us

PINAPESCA, a company founded in the city of Mar del Plata. The initial activity of a fish count today grew up with six premises located in different cities of Argentina The expansion and development of production continues at the present time, where are processed, processed and sold for the domestic and external markets the most important species in the Argentine Sea. The port of Mar del Plata is one of the most important level fisheries of South
America and its location is close to major fishing grounds of the South Atlantic ocean pollution-free. The processing plant has 4,500 m2. With sectors of filleting, walk-in freezers, frozen-plate system, deposits, ice machines, packaging, etc.. All certified by the agency Argentine Health (SENASA) MERCOSUR and the USA. The production capacity is 13Tn. Daily and nearly 900T. storage. For that reason it has opened a new plant of 1000 m2. exclusively for export with the latest advances in technology and facilities